(Frequently Asked Questions)

For more Information:

Go to the 2017 D1 & D2 Commissioners Cup Website Click here

To apply you have two options:

  1. Option 1: 
    1.  Log into your Cal South account for your Team by providing your Username and Password by Clicking here and going to the Login Page.
    2. Once on the My Account Page click on the Team Tab
    3. This will display a row for your Team.
    4. On the right side under the View column there are two links a Team link and a Apply to Tournament link
    5. Click on the Apply to Tournament link
    6. The system will show a page where you can select the Tournament that the Team is eligible to apply. 
    7. Select the 2017 D1&D2 Commissioner Cup
    8. Proceed to complete the required fields and payment
  2. Option 2:
    1. Click the following link and proceed with applying the Team.
    2. URL: Click here to Apply 

To go to the Schedule and results page please click the following:

2017 D1 & D2 Commissioners Cup Schedules and Results 

 If you need support help please contact one of the following individuals:



Phone Number


Kathy Stanton

Tournament Director

619 972 0835

Luca Pacelli

District 2 Commissioner

858 997 6234

Mark Flahan  District 1 Commissioner 619 977 6275 


For more information about the District 1 and 2 Recreational and Commissioner Cup click here

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